Women Wave Your Pantyhose

You’ll learn as you follow this blog that I have many things that I’m a fan of.  I don’t ever like to say anything is my favorite, because they all have a piece of me in a certain way and it’s like picking one kid over the other.  I obviously don’t have actual children.

Last night, a good friend and I were discussing why I will NOT watch anything scary.  And for me, scary has a low bar.  By the time we were off the subject, I was creeped out and had to find something to watch to distract me.

Enter Christian Finnegan. He’s got a special called The Fun Part on Netflix.  I absolutely LOVE stand-up, and he had me snorting laughing, which is two-thumbs up from this guy.

Today, I’m catching up on one of my TV babies, Outsiders.  I missed a couple episodes because 2017 has tried to KICK MY ASS, but I’m not tapping out.

**WARNING!  Semi-self-pimpage ahead… not really, but kinda…**
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