By Order of the Peaky Blinders

Yesterday, some people came to cut the yard.  My dad’s dog, Harry, was very upset by this, so it was a rough day.  See, Daddy loved very little more than being on a lawn mower.  And Harry followed him all around the yard, all day long.  It was their thing.  This is the first time the yard has been cut since he died, and poor Harry was visibly confused.

About an hour after the people left, I stepped on a wet spot in my room.  Not cool, Harry.  Not cool.  I cleaned it, went on about my business, no biggie.  Later on, same spot.  So Harry and I had a chat, we understood each other, carry on.  This went on until this afternoon when I noticed that this time, it was MUCH more water than poor little Harry could’ve put out.. and it wasn’t pee.

Y’all.  My AC unit is leaking.  It’s South Mississippi in spring.  This. Is. Bad.

So I began a text chain with the older brothers (of which I have 4, but in this particular case I didn’t need the whole cavalry).

“Turn the unit off, let it thaw,” says the oldest.
“Yeah, and pour a cup of bleach down the drain pipe,” says the youngest.
“Shop vac out the clog and change the filter,” says the middle.


After much googling and text messaging and a few beers, I know what I need to do.  Tomorrow.

I say tomorrow because immediately after all this madness, once I got my head from under my AC unit, I felt something bite my neck and found a spider.

Y’all. (If you’re counting, that’s two serious y’all’s in ONE blog post.)

Three or four years ago I got bit on my foot by a brown recluse and the recovery was ridiculous.  Now I have a permanent hole and a weird looking scar on my foot.  Not willing to repeat.  Spiders are NOT MY FRIEND.

Luckily for me, this was NOT a brown recluse or a black widow, but now I feel like I have spiders on every inch of my body and I will never be the same.  Ever. Not even Peaky Blinders can save me now.

xoxo- MJ


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